Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I spent a few minutes last night searching through an old drive, looking through all the various projects I've done for work over the years. Luck decided to play a part, and I located the original video mentioned in yesterday's post.

The next problem I was facing had to do with YouTube's limit on video length. When I recorded this about 4-5 years ago, they wouldn't allow an upload longer than 10 minutes - which was why it was hosted on a now-defunct site. Luck strikes again, though: at some point, YouTube removed that restriction.

So I'm pleased to announce that I've been able to get it uploaded and hosted on YouTube. The quality isn't as nice as I'd like, but hopefully it might be helpful to any P99 owners out there who want to go a bit beyond field-stripping.

You can find it here, or just click the GT Videos button on the left.

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Kenya said...

This is a sort of awkward, ghost from the past kind of thing. I'm not even certain that you remember me, but I went by Lydia all those years ago. Perhaps we could chat sometime, catch up... that sort of thing. Maybe that's weird? This is all a little peculiar, finding you here and such. Anyway! I'm still on AIM as Painfulysoft, or gmail as shedancesslowly@gmail.com