Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Ever since the Presidential election and the subsequent "Buy Before They Ban" shopping started, gun owners have been buying ammo faster than retailers can restock it. The highest I've seen someone charging for 9mm was $35 for a 100rd box. This wasn't high-end defensive ammo... no, this was the same budget ammo that "normally" sells for around $22/box.

Those of us that reload our own ammo think paying $22 for a box of WWB is incredibly amusing, by the way. But I digress.

Along with the fear of future bans, there's always talk of the increasing price of ammo. This is reportedly due to one or more factors: the war, China's manufacturing, EPA regulations, increased orders by law enforcement, price gouging retailers, global warming, the economy, the price of oil, sunspots, etc. It's often said that whatever your reasons for buying 10 more cases of 9mm - the sooner, the better - as prices never go down.

I was reading The Firearm Blog and came upon this picture. It's an advertisement from a gun magazine, in 1959. Note the price of 9mm: $9.50 for a hundred rounds.

In 2010 dollars, that comes to $70.99.

It kind of deflates that "ammo prices never go down" argument.

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