Friday, August 21, 2009


John Lott has an nice followup article on William Kostric's appearance at the President's recent town hall meeting.

Have a preview:
Yet, the most amazing thing about the news coverage was how much the media missed. Far from being a hot head, Kostric and a friend had been roughed up by a union member. The union member had spit on and kicked the person who was with Kostric. But Kostric didn't threaten the union member, and didn't respond physically in any way. Kostric and his friend notified the police of the incident, but the police officer shrugged and went away. Kostric's gun did however defuse the volatile situation with the union member -- once the union member saw Kostric's gun in its holster he backed up and moved away.
Anti-2A Americans regularly discuss the potential horror of a gun owner losing their cool, and violence erupting... but time and again, citizens that legally carry fireams prove that they're able to deal with verbal conflict without clearing leather.

Of course, this rarely merits a headline.

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phirehawk said...

A guy keeping his cool doesn't sell. Was there ever a time when the media reported the facts and let people decide their opinion? Opinions are now built in to "reporting" with slant and bias.