Friday, August 7, 2009


As I was having the morning coffee, I came across this article whilst catching up on everything that had happened since I went to bed last night. Sen. Claire McCaskill (a Democrat) is standing up to some fellow Congressional members and pointing out the poor judgment they're demonstrating by planning to purchase jets that the military doesn't even want.

When I first saw the headlines on this a couple of days ago, I (wrongly) assumed that these were fighter jets; the F22 is either being killed or being renewed, depending on the day. But no, these aren't fighter jets - these are passenger planes. Specifically, a govt/mil version of the Gulfstream V business jet.

My favorite bit from the article:
Though two of the C-37s reportedly are to be assigned to units at Andrews Air Force Base that routinely transport government officials and members of Congress, the aide disputed the notion that Congress was just awarding itself an upgrade, saying both types of jets can be used for "many purposes" including transport of military personnel -- not just elected officials.

"It's not like Congress is buying Congress planes here," the aide said.

That's not how McCaskill saw it. Her statement said the jets would be "dedicated to travel for government executive-level personnel."
I'm reminded earlier this year when executives from Detroit flew to Washington DC for hearings on bailing out the auto industry... Congress and the President were pushing each other out of the way to be the first to decry the use of private jets during a time of potential bankruptcy in these companies.

And yet during a time of massive deficit spending in Washington, buying private jets for govt use is perfectly acceptable.
But the topic of over-spending in the military budget is a sensitive one. Cutting funds doesn't just raise concerns about national security -- it affects jobs.
It also affects the personal finances of American Taxpayers, who are ultimately the ones paying for Gulfstream business jets so that govt executives don't have to take commercial flights like the rest of us.

Sen. McCaskill - please keep fighting the good fight.

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phirehawk said...

Yes, yes and oohhh yes! Yell at the CEOs for whom time is money, then go do it yourself. The amount of Government waste is unbelievable. It is made even worse when you know someone who works for the government and see it first hand. Wow. America's last declared bankruptcy was in 1933-34. We have been going downhill and more towards socialism ever since. Nearly every asinine/unconstitutional gun law was put on the books after that. He with the gold makes the rules...