Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This video made the rounds on the internet a few weeks ago; it shows an altercation between a highway patrolman and a paramedic. The patrolman had pulled the ambulance over for failure to yield (while the ambulance was carrying a patient), and a choke hold by the officer ensued during the following minutes.

Today, it's been announced that the patrolman is being put on 5-day unpaid suspension. Whether this is justified, over-the-top, or barely any punishment at all - I'll leave for readers to decide. But I did find this bit interesting:
(Officer) Martin's attorney says the trooper either didn't hear that there was a patient in the ambulance or it didn't register. He says (Parametic) White failed to comply with the trooper's orders.
Perhaps Mr. White was so preoccupied with his duties of transporting a patient to the hospital that he either didn't realize he'd not yielded to the trooper, or it didn't register...

How well do you think that argument goes when it's a trooper giving commands to a citizen...?

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