Saturday, November 15, 2008


The passage of Proposition 8 is generating a lot of post-election protesting around the county. I understand the fury of the gay community. Having a majority forcefully apply their own beliefs onto you is never an enjoyable experience.

Everyone should be able to enjoy all of their civil rights, and no group should be particularly catered to - neither gay, straight, atheist, nor religious.

But San Francisco lefties cheered when citizens were forbidden to own a firearm. They’re quite comfortable with taking away rights, and have a long history of doing it.

They’ll take your weapons, because they don’t like them. They’ll limit your property rights, because they don’t like the way you wish to use it. They’ll take your money, because they want to give it to someone else.

California is one of the most regulated places in America, and it’s been that way for years. It should be taboo for anyone to suggest that your rights be regulated, let alone vote for such a thing. In California, (and other places of course) it's standard practice. But if you give the government a big enough sword, eventually it will cut you too.

Creating an environment in which rights are no longer something solid... something off-limits... is a very dangerous game. They simply lost their own game this time around.

Stings, doesn’t it?


Mark Miller said...

Perfect assessment.
You nailed it.

DJK said...

You hit the nail on the head!

Yemi Ogunbase said...


Anonymous said...

Deadly accurate.

Anonymous said...

Not accurate, taking a gun away is one thing, paying taxes (when the government takes your money and redistributes it) is another thing, yet to take away someone's right to marry is another - California might be regulated but just because San Francisco took away someone's guns and their money (which they have the right to do as the government) doesn't give the rest of the population the right to take away other people's rights to marry.

Anonymous said...

BZZZT, Wrong, BC. The right to firearms is protected constitutionally, the right to marry, though universally accepted, is not protected constitutionally. In fact the government has much LESS right to take away guns than they do either money, or marriage. Not that they should take any of them, but be aware of the facts.

Anonymous said...

If gun ownership rights were taken away, they were taken away from everyone. The right to marry was not taken away from everyone; It was only taken away from gays, and that is discrimination.

John Spinuzzi said...

Discrimination is a good and necessary thing. You make it sound evil. You discriminate every time you make a decision(what's for lunch?). We must , as a society, discriminate about what is best for society - and every society that destroys 'traditional' marriage or the family and promotes homosexuality descends into chaos. Those that take away arms end up in oppression and genocide.