Thursday, September 11, 2008


In the passing years, some have become a bit jaded to the event... it's become a talking point in politics, in some ways more than anything. "A terrible tragedy", or some term which makes the person speaking of it look like an opportunist.

That is another tragedy.

It was a morning just like this one... having coffee, running a bit late for work just as I am now, listening to the same radio station that's currently playing on the same clock radio in the bedroom.

I turned on the TV to see what was going on, and saw the first tower on fire. The coverage had an element of curiosity; the initial belief was that a small plane had accidentally collided. The camera shot itself not so great - but after all, no crews had planned to shoot that day. I can't recall which station I chose to watch, but I still remember the horrified disbelief in a woman's voice as she screamed, "Oh my God, there's another one" as the second plane entered the picture and exploded.

Today, there will be endless reports on the news about that day 7 years ago reminding us what happened. I understand why, but I also know that I remember exactly what happened.

Watching a plane hit the World Trade Center live on television is something I'll never forget.

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