Sunday, June 8, 2008


I don't normally write responses to other blogs here... instead, I leave responses as a comment. But in this case, the blog only allows comments from "team members" - and as I'm not a member of their team, I can't leave a comment.

For Reference : The Original Article:
NRA Smears Obama's Stance on Gun Ownership
Barack Obama is trying to walk a fine line between protecting the right to bear arms guaranteed under the Second Amendment and clamping down on more than 30,000 deaths from firearms that happen every year in the United States.

However, the National Rifle Association is against any limitations on gun rights, including banning or controlling any kinds of ammunition...
So is the Constitution.
they are also protecting the right of criminals to have easy access to automatic weapons and high kill rate ammunition
No one has easy, legal access to automatic weapons in this country - except people working for the govt.

Making a statement like that shows how clearly ignorant you are about firearms laws that already exist in this country.

I challenge the author to call a gun shop in this country - ANY gun shop, or hell - even go to a gunshow - and try to legally purchase an automatic weapon. Prepare for a stack of govt paperwork, fees, background checks. Prepare to pay $5000-25,000 for such a weapon.

Relatively speaking, there aren't that many automatic weapons in this country available for the average citizen to purchase. It's difficult, time-consuming, and highly expensive to legally own an automatic weapon.

You're asking for laws to be made that already exist.

And furthermore, what the hell is "high kill rate ammunition"?
The laws Barack Obama supports that the NRA are vehemently against include sensible acts like:

Mandatory waiting periods to purchase a gun
Good idea. People in fear of danger shouldn't have easy access to self-defense. Women being harassed by violent ex-husbands should just rely on hope, or perhaps 911 if the line isn't busy.
Requiring citizens to actually register their firearms
So that if the govt decides to ban them, confiscation will be easier.
Mandatory micro stamping of guns to aid tracing weapons
A technology that only works according to - surprise - the manufacturer. Forensic scientists by and large report that such an effort would have a minimal advantage - if any - in helping to solve crime. Furthermore, microstamping is incredibly easy to defeat. Stop watching CSI and do some research.
Banning inexpensive handguns that make it easier for criminals to acquire
Ok, I'm confused - earlier you implied that criminals don't buy guns; they steal them. Are you also against lower-income families being able to legally purchase a firearm?
Limit gun purchases to one gun a month
Why not 2 per month? Why not 1 per quarter? How exactly have you (or Obama) determined that 30 days is the magic number?
Require training for gun owners
Quite honestly, nearly every gun owner I know is well-trained in the use of their firearm. This is a non-issue in most respects.
Restrict gun ownership to citizens 21 and older
Why not 18 years? Why not 31 years? How is 21 years the magic number? Do criminals wait until they are 21 years old to steal guns and kill people?
Eliminate right to carry concealed weapons
Criminals are already forbidden to carry a weapon - concealed or otherwise. So clearly you are attempting to disallow law-abiding citizens from carrying a concealed weapon.

So - how do you feel about me just carrying a gun around town in a holster on my belt, openly for the world to see? You cool with that?
Ban gun shops from operating within 5 miles of a school
Now this is just complete stupidity. The only reason to create such a law is to be able to close gunshops. There's no safety advantage for the school whatsoever.
Ban resale of police firearms which include high powered assault weapons
I don't buy guns that the police have worn out. Nonetheless, I fail to see what you're concerned about such a thing. Police cannot sell a citizen a gun that the citizen cannot purchase (yes, legally) from a store.
Ban high capacity ammunition magazines that are often used by gang members in drive by shootings and not needed to kill a deer

Here's an idea - why not just ban gang shootings? Or shooting out of cars driving down the road?

Oh, wait. There are already laws against such things. Odd that laws against murder and prisons and death penalties haven't stopped gang shootings, yet you think microstamping will.

By the way... to a few of the other posters, who use terms like "KKK" - gun owners' feelings about Obama's gun control agenda have nothing to do with race.

The fact is, Clinton's agenda is no different when it comes to guns. She wants to ban them all as well - she's just less overt about it when making speeches.


DJK said...

Well said, friend. Now share this with as many people as you can. I am going to post it on my blog. Thanks for writing this.


AJ said...

Kinda weak, you get too emotional and your responses start to drift from some kind of fact to just defending a 'typical' gun owner.

thorn said...

I'm curious, AJ - which of my responses wasn't factual?