Thursday, May 15, 2008


Credit can seem to be a gift at times, but far too often it becomes a rope that many people hang themselves with. I've been somewhat responsible over the years paying my bills; though not always perfect, my record is sufficiently good that companies are still willing to loan me piles of money.

But several months ago, I came to the decision that I wanted to carry as little debt as possible. Though I have a salary sufficient to pay my bills, I've lived too long with monthly payments that seemed to never end. And due to some life changes I'd hoped to make, it was paramount to bring my monthly expenses down in such a manner that I wasn't wasting 10-20% of my monthly salary on interest payments.

After hearing Dave Ramsey's radio program for a few weeks, I decided that much of his advice was rather sound. Though I've not been starving myself on beans and rice, I have cut down my recreational spending significantly and put those funds towards killing off debt.

Last month was a milestone: paying of one of my two credit cards. Today was another - a few moments ago, Kawasaki was paid off and I officially own my motorcycle. I've still one thing left to pay off, but having the others taken care of frees up even more money to quickly erase my final debt. I expect I can be completely debt-free within the next 12-16 weeks.

The last bike payment was significant; I'd looked forward to this day for several months. Not only to own the bike, but to be free of the billing cycle. In light of recent events in life, though... somehow the victory is bittersweet.

I suppose it's a victory nonetheless.

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