Wednesday, March 5, 2008


When I decided to start reloading, I made the decision to purchase the equipment in stages. Budget-wise this was a smart thing, and gave me extra time to do a lot of reading before starting to work with explosive components. In the meantime, I'd created shopping lists on Midway and Midsouth Shooter's Supply. Dies, a shellplate, a caliper and other various parts were on the lists. A couple of items - such as the pistol measuring rotor - were on "out of stock", but I decided by the time I was ready to purchase the retailers would have everything available.

Last week, I checked the lists again for completeness and was troubled to see that not only were certain items still not in stock, but others had either become "out of stock" or gone on backorder. Apparently I'm not the only person taking a step away from factory ammo, as rather common items (such as 9mm dies) were completely out of stock.

After a lot of searching, I came upon and found everything I needed was in-stock. However, some items were nearly sold out. I decided it was time to finish purchasing what I needed, else run the risk of having to wait until retailer back orders arrived (whenever that might be).

The package arrived on Monday, and I spent the evening prepping all the dies and installing them into the press. Along with the parts, I ordered a can of Hornady One-Shot Gun Cleaner & Dry Lube. It absolutely degreased the parts, and left a very slight dry film for protection and lubrication. Avoid the brake cleaner, the teflon spray and the alcohol... this product is simply wonderful, and I wish I had used it from the beginning.

The caliper, scale, and a small order of bullets should arrive by Friday - so unless I've left something off the list, I'll be ready to start making some test rounds.


Anonymous said...

Hornady One Shot Case Lube is great too if you ever get to rifle.

Are the dies just stuck in the press, they look out of sequence from the photo.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind my last comment, yours probably expands through the powder measure.

thorn said...

Hey hi,

The stations are current assigned like this:

1) Decap/resize
2) Expand
3) Powder
4) Seat
5) Crimp

I've got a powder expander on the way - it's on backorder @ Hornady, but when it arrives the stations will be:

1) Decap/resize
2) Powder/expand
3) RCBS Powder Check die
4) Seat
5) Crimp

Sharp eyes on the die insertions - yep, 2-3 of them are just halfway screwed in. When the bullets & caliper arrive, I'll get them set up proper :).