Thursday, February 14, 2008


Dear WWB,

When our association began some 2-3 years ago, I found you to be a somewhat acceptable candidate for the position of "target practice ammo". Though you arrived crudely packaged in an unimpressive box, your regular availability combined with affordable pricing nonetheless gained my respect.

Unfortunately, your performance has become less satisfactory with each passing month.

Your hygienic practices have always been undesirable, ranging from unclean to completely filthy. While many of your peers occasionally share a similar problem, they nonetheless have generally offered something you can only deliver in brief spurts:


Certainly, there were times in the early days in which I cursed myself or the gun for the poor results on the target. But over time, I have realized that although I and the Walther are not always in sync - you are never in sync with yourself from month-to-month.

When combined with your recent demands for a 30% salary increase, I find that our relationship must come to an end. Please clean out your desk immediately; your replacement will be starting this weekend.



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Anonymous said...

Hysterical. I know how you feel!