Saturday, January 5, 2008


The Bethy flew up to Cincinnati to celebrate the New Year, and on Sunday we went on her second trip to the range. Her first time ever was nearly a year ago, and she was eager to punch some more holes in paper.

Before we left home, I quickly gave her a refresher course on how the guns worked. It had been a long time since she'd held one, and I wanted to make sure she was comfortable. I handed her the Walther P99, and was impressed; she immediately remembered her trigger and muzzle discipline, indexing her finger on the slide and keeping it pointed in a safe direction.

We stopped by Walmart and picked up 200rds of WWB, some extra .22 for the Ruger MkII, and a pack of reactive targets. Normally I use regular paper targets, but I thought seeing the holes brightly pop out would make it easier for her to track her shots.

Her shooting was impressive. She hadn't fired a gun in nearly a year, yet her form was good and her groups respectable for someone so new to the sport. Her first few shots were always very close to the center. She did have a tendency to drop her aim near the end of the magazine, but her lack of an obvious flinch is indeed a strength.

I'm fairly sure she shot more that day than I did, but for me it wasn't about trigger time... it was just about spending time with my girl. She's without a doubt my favorite range partner, and I can't wait for our next trip.


Anonymous said...

and you're my favorite.

Clay said...

Yeah, when your real partner is also your best range partner - life is good. Maybe Bethy should talk to mine.