Sunday, January 27, 2008


In June of last year, I decided it was time to sell my Glock 19 and acquire a handgun I felt better suited me... I wrote about it here. While the G19 is a fine gun, I could never get any consistent accuracy. Some shots would be good, while others flew to the left with annoying regularity.

When I first fired the P99, I knew I had found something better for me. While I don't consider myself to be a great shooter by any means, I've steadily improved over the months... getting my stance more consistent, raising the gun to the same height every time, and forcing myself to focus more on the front sight and less on the target.

Normally I place targets around 3-5 yards, but today I decided to push out to 7 yards. I was doing well at the shorter distances, and decided to see how it would translate a few feet further. I raised the gun up, got a good sight picture, and started pulling the trigger.

The results basically shocked me.

In the recent past, I've usually managed 3-4" groups at 5 yards, and around 5-7" groups at 7 yards. But today, everything really came together. I fired 10 rounds into a 2.5" group. I looked up a bit amazed, and reloaded. On the second pass, I popped a flyer on the 6th shot. After silently cursing myself for rushing it, I raised the gun back up and put the last 4 through the red.

I retrieved the target and smiled.

I shot about 40 rounds after that, most within 3-4" at that distance. Finally my hour was up - I packed up, collected all my brass and headed home. It was a good day for shooting.

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Clay said...

I find seven yards to be the ideal range to practice at for self defense. It's realistically far enough while still training your technique. Any small mistakes will become immediately evident.

Honestly if you're shooting someone outside of seven yards you're probably the one going to jail.

Now, see how you do at 10. I'm up to 15 yards now, and it seems to be alright. As long as your technique holds you shouldn't notice much difference.

Oh, and I traded my P99 for a Steyr M9-A1. I've very happy with the change, actually. The trigger is much crisper than a Glock without all the trigger modes of the AS. Consistent 4lb pull every time.