Wednesday, December 5, 2007


November was a rather busy month for me, so please forgive my lack of posting. When I wasn't occupied with daily life, I was suffering from writer's block. That still may be the case, but I'll make the effort anyway...
  • I've created a new channel on LiveVideo. Currently there are two videos related to the Walther P99 - one discussing the AS trigger, and the other demonstrating how to perform a slide strip for detailed cleaning. Check them out... hopefully they'll be helpful to someone out there.

  • New addition to Notable Sites: Somewhat Intelligent. Clay is a fan of Ron Paul and Walthers, as well as a Florida resident. I wonder if we're related... but I do fear he could also be a Gator fan. Hm. For now, enjoy his postings while he begins to discover the superiority of the Florida State Seminoles. ;)

  • Old news that you've already heard, but I feel compelled to mention: On November 5, Ron Paul raised over $4.2 Million Dollars during the one-day fundraiser. Tres cool, no? One wonders at what point the media and America will start realizing the man is a viable, real candidate.

  • Layaway is wonderfully evil... expect a picture or two in the coming weeks.


Clay said...

Bah, I went to Auburn! :)

I'm here for the wife to finish school. :)

Thanks for adding me man, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Thorn.