Monday, November 5, 2007


A few months ago, I had a discussion on a forum regarding the nature of politics and how to get involved; how to not merely complain from the sidelines, but how to actively change the political landscape. I considered rewriting my thoughts into some sort of long article, but instead I'll simply copy/paste my original post.
I often wonder how much the average gun owner actually does - in a qualitative way - to keep their rights.

It is one thing for people to preach to each other on web forums and blogs. It is another thing to actually contribute money to candidates and PACs that can measurably affect the future in a beneficial way.

I know that many people here can and do contribute their hard-earned dollars to such causes, as well as send letters and make phone calls when the need arises.

But for those that do not, I challenge you to begin doing it.

The next time you're buying 10 boxes of ammo, consider buying 9 boxes instead - and join the NRA.

Instead of spending 10 hours at the range, spend 8 hours - and join OFCC.

Instead of purchasing your 48th 30-rnd AR15 magazine, consider being satisfied for the moment with having 47 mags - and donate money to a candidate who actually agrees with you.

Support the groups and the leaders who will work to ensure you will continue to be able to purchase ammo, shoot at a range, and own an AR15.

Truly - think about this for a moment:

There are just over 2000 members of this forum. What if every member donated $100 - the average cost of 3 of my Walther mags, for example - all to the same cause or candidate?

Do the math. That's nearly a quarter of a million dollars. has just over 72,000 members. If every one of them sent the cost of ONE GLOCK MAGAZINE to the same candidate or PAC, that's nearly 2 MILLION dollars.

People say they are sick of money in politics... and I agree that it's somewhat sickening that the one with the most dollars is the one most-listened to.

But that's reality. Television ads cost money. Radio ads cost money. Print ads, fliers, stickers, buttons, phone lines, campaign trips to Iowa, gas for the vehicles - it all costs money. Reaching everyone in America enough times to not only draw their vote - but convince them TO vote - costs millions of dollars.

Despise it or wish it to be untrue - but ignore it at your own peril.

Today, on November the 5th, I challenge each of you to stand up and fight.

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