Wednesday, June 27, 2007


A couple of months ago, I bought this from a gentleman in Louisiana - a Wilkinson Arms 9mm Linda pistol, with 4 full-sized magazines. I have no particular use for it, but there's a bit of satisfaction that comes with owning a gun that is banned in several states. (Legal disclaimer: I have carefully researched the laws in Ohio regarding this gun and the magazines' capacities. The gun is completely legal to own in Ohio, and the magazines fall under the legal limit for assault weapon capacity.)

Wilkinson began making weapons in California, but later moved his factory to Ohio. This particular one was made at the Parma factory in 1989. I've read that the quality of the weapon went down after he moved to Ohio - particularly the sights. Instead of nicer target sights, he began installing much cheaper ones made of tin. This must have happened at a later time, however, as mine does have the adjustable sights.

I took it to the range last week, and fired 60 rounds through it without a single malfunction. The recoil is very tame, which is no surprise given the gun's hefty weight. It has a bolt/blowback action, and ejects spent cartridges in a manner similar to the AR15 system. The 8.3 inch barrel is very accurate, and it quite a lot of fun to shoot.

It's hard to find information on it, as they haven't been made in a very long time. Even finding a schematic or manual has proved to be very difficult. Removing and cleaning the barrel is a simple matter, but I've no idea how to properly detail strip the weapon in order to clean it.

I doubt I will take it to the range again - given the age of the gun, the lack of spare parts available, and the inability to properly clean and lubricate it. While I enjoy shooting it, I don't wish to abuse it by not maintaining it after each range trip. But it's a wonderful weapon to hold and admire, and I'm glad I was lucky enough to find it.

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