Friday, May 4, 2007


Small site-related update... on the off-chance that you've bookmarked this page, you can now find it at my newly-registered address:

Using the older blogspot URL will continue to work and just redirect here. So since I'm still using Blogger for posting and the URL is redirecting, what's the point of getting the domain name in the first place?

I'm not sure, except I like the solidity of having it published under my own address. It was a good enough reason for me. ;)

Well - that's all for now. Busy day ahead. I've got to give my FFL a call and go to the post office to mail a money order to a gentleman in Louisiana.

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Anonymous said...

Perfect name, and my fave movie of all time. Though I would have swapped out the Nemesis of Far-Right Government with the PC crowd, who in these times, out fascist the fascists.