Thursday, April 19, 2007


If you're trying to ban something, you should at least have a clue as to what it is you're trying to ban. Carolyn McCarthy is one such clueless person.

No, Carolyn. A barrel shroud is NOT that "shoulder thing that goes up". It doesn't make the weapon more deadly. It doesn't allow the weapon to fire more bullets, or fire at a faster rate.

Carolyn, a barrel shroud is simply a piece of sheet metal with holes it. When you fire a gun, the barrel heats up. The shroud covers the barrel so that the shooter can't touch the hot barrel and burn their hand.

In other words, Carolyn: it's a safety feature.

The resulting safety factor is no different than the plastic guard on a document shredder. The guard doesn't help the machine shred any faster. It just protects the user's fingers from accidentally being shredded along with the paper.

Kudos to Tucker for not letting her evade the question until she had demonstrated her complete ignorance.


Anonymous said...

ok that was just ridiculous, really.
he's on my list of heroes now, for not letting her evade the question.

Anonymous said...

Wow, just wow. People are trying to make laws they themselves don't understand. Sad that we let our politicians get away with such atrocities. Kudos to him for not allowing her to politically evade the question.