Sunday, March 4, 2007


FatWhiteGuy is about a big of fan as John McCain as I am. But to be fair, I have about as much interest in having McCain winning the election as the rest of them. The biggest issue I have with the 3 Republican candidates is that I can't determine why they expect conservatives to be excited about the chance to vote for them.

The Democrat candidates are easy to understand... the Republicans, not so much. Let's go down the list:

- Hillary Clinton
If you've hated nearly everything that happened in America from 1980-88, or since 1992, Hillary is your candidate. If your most secret desire is to see Ted Nugent killed with his own black rifle and his remains ground up and used as fertilizer for organic produce - she's your choice.
- Barack Obama
If you're a liberal that wants to win the White House, but think Hillary is far too polarizing - Obama fits the bill. He's fairly unassuming, and to many appears to be the one who can take an even-handed liberal approach to leadership. He's also a new player in the game, so there isn't as much baggage in his closet.
- John Edwards
Erm... given that Edwards lost out the last time he was in a primary, and lost the last time he was on the VP Ticket... I'm not sure why you'd vote for him. The only reason I can think of is that he's a white guy, and you can't bring yourself to vote for a woman or a black guy. Or maybe you just really like millionaire personal injury lawyers.

...onto the RINO's...

- John McCain
Do I really need to retype it all? Nah. Check the post below.
- Rudolph William Louis Giuliani III
Wow. Long name. Almost sounds like royalty. Anyhoo... let's take a look at Rudy's positions: Gay Marriage - Supports It. Abortion - Supports It. Gun Control - Supports It. Now, let me be clear on one particular point: I support gay rights. But it's not stretching reality to point out that the average Bush Conservative doesn't. Nor do they support abortion or gun control. Which begs the questions: a) why is Giuliani a Republican b) how exactly does he plan to convince Republicans that he's not really a Democrat?
- Mitt Romney
I can't tell if Romney is the Republican version of Obama (no huge marks against him yet) or Edwards (white guy.) Possibly it's just a combination of both. Overall, it looks as if Romney is your candidate if you can't stand McCain and think Rudy is one of those New York RINOs.

So which one of the above will I be voting for in the primaries?

None of them. I'm a registered Libertarian.

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