Sunday, March 4, 2007


Something that continues to mystify me is the strange over-obsession with Glock handguns. I'm not talking about the people that own a full-sized for range use and a compact for daily carry; I'm talking about people that seem to collect them like Pokemon.

I understand the desire to collect unique, old, historical, or rare firearms. Or sometimes you'll find something that you can't explain your desire for, but nonetheless you'll pull out the wallet and take home a new prize. Some wants and needs have no justification. Nor is it required.

I don't need an H&K VP70-Z, but I do want one. I also don't need a Ruger revolver, but I'm still kicking myself for not buying the one that I saw for sale last week in a forum. Nor do I have a practical need for a Walther P99-AS 9mm, but the gun feels so nice in my hand that I hope to buy one some day.

But some Glock collectors make me wonder. People that own duplicates of the same model, and multiple models. Keep in mind that we're talking about a handgun with a design that is virtually identical across the spectrum. There's no functional nor size nor aesthetic difference in a G19 and a G23; the only difference is caliber. Yet it never fails to amuse me when someone proudly states they own a G17, two G22's, three G19's, two G23's, and they're on the hunt for another G23 "to join the brothers in the safe".

I wonder even more about Glock fans that constantly bemoan the fact that Glock doesn't innovate often enough. They generally post messages on forums begging for Gaston to offer some combination of caliber and features that isn't available.

Here's the part I have trouble with:

Glock makes 23 different models (not even counting the 380, which generally isn't available for import) in various slide lengths, calibers, width, and capacity.

I seriously believe that if Glock offered every caliber in every slide length (from compact to longslide) with every capacity (single-stack to hi-capacity) with both types of rails... some people would still find some variation that Glock hadn't thought of and still not be happy.

Here's my point: whatever your reasons for collecting Glocks - they're your own reasons, and likely none of my business. But sometimes it doesn't look like "collecting"; it looks more like "compulsive buying".

If you can't find the perfect combo that you're after, then perhaps it's time to look at another brand of firearm. Or even better, take 1 of the 18 Glocks you own out of the safe, go to the range, and shoot 200 rounds through it.

And for the record: in case any readers think I just don't like Glocks... my defensive handgun of choice is a G19.


Anonymous said...

SIG is just as bad. Now they put out a different variant each month. I'm sorry, I love SIGs but if you can afford to collect a new one each month, then please donate to the SIGsForFatMen campaign.

Anonymous said...

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