Friday, March 2, 2007


The Bethy took a shot in yesterday's game of "Name the Candidate" with an answer of Barack Obama.

Her reasons were pretty good:
I'm going with Obama, because everyone seems to be in love with him right now, and you think that his leftist views are being overshadowed by his charming personality. You don't want people to be deceived.

Unfortunately, I suppose it was a trick question... given that the answer wasn't one of the Democrats I listed at the end of the post.

The correct answer is:

John McCain. Seen here impersonating a pirate.

Yes, one of the front-runners for President in the Republican party has views so far to the left that one can easily mistake him for a Democratic candidate.

No doubt his supporters will do everything possible to obscure his past voting record.

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Anonymous said...

See if I try to answer another of your tricky tricky Republican questions...

5 bucks if you post a pic of yourself imitating that fabulous McCain pose.